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Castor seed oil

(Ricinus communis)

This wonderfully rich oil provided an abundance of skin loving vitamins A, B, C & E and fatty acids. Renowned for its antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, make it an essential ingredient in some of our natural pregnancy and baby products.

Traditionally it is used to...

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  • reduce inflammation

  • prevent infection

  • create a protective barrier

  • reduce stretch marks 

  • soothe sore skin

  • improve skin elasticity

  • stimulate collagen production

  • deeply moisturise

  • aid digestion

Used in:       "VAGINAL REVIVAL"  Post Birth Healing Oil
                  "A PERFECT TEN"      Stretch Mark Oil
                  "SMOOTH AS..."      Nappy Balm       

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This wonderful rejuvenating oil is cold pressed from the seed of the castor 'bean'

Castor oil plants grow abundantly across east Africa, India, and the Mediterranean, which is where our sustainable premium quality oil originates. 

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