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Cocoa Butter (organic)

(Theobroma cacao)

Rich, indulgent, emollient.  This opulent butter has been traditionally used to salve skin for generations and is used in our pregnancy products to... 

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  • promote skin elasticity

  • support collagen production

  • help reduce stretch marks

  • heal sore skin

  • act as a barrier

  • hydrate

Used in: "SMOOTH AS..." Nappy Balm
             "IN THE CLUB RUB"  Belly Butter
             "BOOB LUBE"  Nipple Balm

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Our rich organic cocoa butter come from  pressed cocoa beans inside the pods of the small, evergreen cacao tree.

Ripened under the Ghanaian sun, these natural beautiful beans are also used to make chocolate giving our products a divinely chocolatey scent.

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