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&  Pledge

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We exist because Mother Nature provides

We have the utmost respect for our earth, and pledge to continuously improve our existing green credentials 

  • 100% of our products are made using natural, non-toxic, minimally processed ingredients.

  • Non of our products contain water, and many ingredients are naturally anti-bacterial, therefore we do not need to use any form of preservatives, or any other unnatural substance for that matter - what goes on your skin, and down your drain comes straight from, and safely returns to the earth.

  • Over 95% of our ingredients are grown organically, meaning no pesticides, no genetically modified crops, and no chemical nasties - We aim to achieve 100% organic ingredients once sustainable supplies are secured

  • Our beautiful natural products are housed in amber glass to protect the active ingredients.  This sturdy glass can easily be cleaned for use again and again once your product is finished. We encourage you to re-use our bottles and jars to make your own natural lotions and potions. They would be particularly useful should you decide take my aromatherapy course (coming soon), or indeed if you re-create any of the recipes I share on social media. And should you wish to ever dispose of them, they are of course widely recyled.

  • For the vast majority of our lids, we have chosen aluminium. This is sturdy, long lasting and easily washed, making it reusable for many years to come And should you wish to dispose of it, aluminium in infinitely recyclable.

  • To reduce the impact on our forest, trees, and wildlife, we have chosen not to supply products in individual product boxes. Instead we wrap and ribbon them beautifully in recyled and recyclable tissue paper with paper filling. We protect them during transit in (of course very beautiful) recycled, and recyclable mailer boxes inside completely compostible bags.

  • As a company, we are over 95% plastic free, and the vast majority of the minimal plastic we do use is reused many times over. 

  • We are a small company who has chosen to be without commercial premises, and without stockists. All of our products are made by hand, in-house, using simple methods before being shipped directly from our kitchen lab to your door.
    This not only ensures freshness, potency and quality of the natural ingredients within, it reduces carbon emissions, waste and packaging that would be spent sending goods to stockists. 

Our Promise
Although we are not yet perfect, as our little company grows, so will our options to further reduce our carbon footprint - this is, and will always remain one of our highest priorities


"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly"     


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