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Jojoba oil & butter (organic)

(simmondsia chinensis)

Rich, luxurious organic golden jojoba oil has been used for centuries - selected for use our pregnancy products for it's traditionally reknowned skincare properties

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This extraordinary oil is one of the closest matches to human skin sebum, mimicing skins own collagen.

  • Easily penetrating deep into skins layers carrying essential nutrients along with it  

  • Helping to kill germs & viruses 

  • Deeply moisturising

  • Creating a protective barrier

When you're looking for supreme skin nourishment and protection it's difficult to find a more capable oil than jojoba!

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A beautiful golden liquid plant wax - cold pressed from the seeds of the organic jojoba plant.


This modest shrub is native to Arizona, California and Mexico. Don't be fooled by its modesty, it  has very powerful health benefits.

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