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Essential Oils for Back Pain in Pregnancy.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

So gorgeous Mama, you're enjoying the last few months of pregnancy before your little bundle of joy arrives......or you would be if it wasn't for the damn back pain!

essential oils for back pain in pregnancy

You're wanting to make the most of this sacred time before baby arrives, and squeeze as much as possible into your days, and you would, if only you could manage your pregnancy aches and pains better

You prefer to avoid taking tablets and medications because you'e worried whether painkillers are safe in pregnancy, and are concerned about potential side effects on your unborn baby, but you're beginning to struggle.

I know your pain! - If only there was a safe and effective natural remedy for managing back pain!

Hi, I'm Paris, Midwife & Aromatherapist for over 20 years, and I have good news for you. You may not realise this but essential oils are not just for fancy spa inspired products, or to make things smell nice. You can actually use Essential Oils for Back Pain in Pregnancy! They actually contain tiny molecules which enter the blood stream which have different properties and effects on your body systems depending on which oils you are using. Certain essential oils contain pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties, and when applied, work similarly to how conventional drugs work, (only without the nasty side effects).

Many essential oils are safe to use in pregnancy for women who are enjoying an uncomplicated pregnancy, providing they are safely and appropriately diluted. However many oils are containdicated for pregnancy, or at certain gestations, and some (or all) should be avoided if you have certain medical conditions - More about this in another post - watch this space!

In my natural pregnancy and birth practice, I have often used powerful blends of potent essential oils to successfully support many women (including myself) with back and muscular pain, as well as pelvic girdle pain (PGP) these common pregnancy problems can be managed naturally, and I would love to share one of my pain-relieving with aromatherapy blends with you.

This simple blend of selected essential oils will provide you with analgesic, muscle relaxing, and anti-inflammatory relief - with additional bonuses of also providing calm and relaxation for your mind and spirit too!

Click the link below to see my simple tutorial for creating one of my fabulous blends to help you to manage your symptoms better and enjoy the last few weeks of your glorious pregnancy.

When you know where to look,

Mother Nature provides.

Love Paris x

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I have had a pregnancy massage by Paris to help with PGP today and it was honestly amazing. Paris is lovely and I Couldn’t recommend this service more. thank you again. Sansha x

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