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Essential oils & plant medicine for supporting pregnancy wellness

Updated: May 15, 2023

🌱Since time began, we have used the plants around us to naturally support our health and wellness ✨

Of course, we wouldn’t be without our medical advances - but this makes the plants around us no less powerful than they have always been

Changes in the way we live and the rise of science has meant that the therapeutic plant knowledge of our ancestors has been highly diluted

Only the last 100 years of our time on this green earth have we turned to drugs and chemicals on an unprecedented scale to support everyday health and home needs.

Pharmaceutical companies would have us believe that we need a pill or synthetic potion to manage every sniffle, ache, pain and skin issue

Unfortunately this has led to a state of mass consumption, as a result we see antibiotics no longer working, people taking drugs on top of drugs to stop the side effects of other drugs. And most concerning to me - statistics where prescription drugs ranking one of the leading causes of death in the west, alongside heart disease and cancer!

I’m certainly not suggesting we bin all medications - but perhaps we need to look elsewhere for non-serious health issues.

In my midwifery practice, (and caring for my own family and home) when safe and appropriate, I will always advocate trying a natural remedy b

efore turning to unnatural substances.

As a Midwife Aromatherapist, Essential oils and plant extracts are very convenient, and invaluable in my practice. I love it when doubt that a simple flower or plant extract can help ease pain, or deal with an infection gives way to amazement that they are so effective!

It is one of my life’s missions to increase knowledge and confidence in the power of plants to support much of our wellness.

My Holistic Midwife UK collection of 100% plant based, natural treatments for pregnancy, birth and mothering reflect my passion and confidence in our fabulous plants ♥️



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