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Positive Birth Group sign up
Terms & Conditions

Thank you for checking out the PBG terms & conditions.

So that everyone feels safe, respected, and a positive atmoshphere is maintained, in joining any of the groups, whether online or in-person. I ask that you follow our safe space agreement.

  • be kind

  • respect others views, even if you don't agree

  • reserve judgement

  • keep shared information confidential

  • allow others to voice their opinion

by completing the form, you are allowing me to confidentially store your basic information, which I promise not to share with any third parties that are not directly involved in my business. 

You are also giving consent for me to use your email / phone  number to inform you of any changes to the groups, or cancellations.


I may also send you special offers or information via email / message from time to time, however I will never spam you. And you may request to be removed from any emails/ messages at any time.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters, Paris xxx

safe space agreement
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