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Chinese Medicine

My kitchen lab is my sacred space - it's where all the magic happens

You won't find industrial machines or automated systems, only fresh ingredients, spoons and scales - my work is a very personal affair


Despite the passing years, with each freshly made batch, I feel immense pleasure and priviledge to work with such high quality, pure and natural ingredients that are gifted to us from Mother nature

My beautiful aromatic pharmacy of medicines from our earth - abundant life forces, always ready and able to support  health and wellness


Natural resources so special and potent they need no support from artificial sources, no genetic modifications, no preservatives, only love, care and respect

The only things you'll find in my bottles and jars are minimally processed, naturally potent ingredients, love and positivity


And, of course, my bottles, jars and ingredients not only need to be repsectful to the earth, they also have to be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside

Each product is handmade with love from me to you, then carefully wrapped and sent with strength and positivity to aid you on your very special mothering journey


My Kitchen Lab & Natural Ingredients

green seed pattern canva (1).png
rosehip seed oil stretch marks pregnancy
aloe vera natural pregnancy baby product
chamomile essential oil pregnancy and ba
macadamia oil pregnancy baby massage  oi
evening primrose oil pregnancy midwife_e
mango butter in natural vegan baby produ
epsom salt in safe natural pregnancy pro
shea butter pregnancy_edited.jpg
jojoba oil natural baby oil balm_edited.
Calendula flower oil in pregnancy_edited
frankincense essential oil pregnancy_edi
vitamin E oil mother and baby_edited_edi
sea buckthorn oil pregnancy stretch mark
cocoa butter natural baby products_edite
coconut oil natural baby oil_edited.jpg
arnica montana_edited.jpg


grapefruit essential oil pregnancy_edite
bergamot essential oil pregnancy_edited.
lavender essential oil pregnancy_edited.
castor seed oil pregnancy and baby_edite
mandarin essential oil babies_edited_edi
sunflower seed oil mother and baby produ
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