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Frankincense Essential Oil 

(Boswellia carterii)

For centuries frankincense oil has been known across the world as 'The God of Oils'. This regal oil is the ultimate calming, uplifting, spiritual oil for body and mind. Its gentle yet abundant health properties are why we include this precious oil in our natural pregnancy products. Traditionally used for...

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  • balancing emotions

  • reducing anxiety & fear

  • pain relief

  • reducing inflammation

  • calming irritation

  • anti-bacterial

  • anti-viral

  • anti-fungal

  • muscle relaxing

  • cleansing 

  • detoxing

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Our potent frankincense is sustainably harvested from Somalian oilibanum trees


The prized resin is collected by making incisions into the bark of the tree which allows the resin to seep out  - leaving the tree to continue to grow on relatively unharmed

Once hardened it is then steam distilled to collect the precious essential oil


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