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Rosehip Seed Oil 

(Rosa canina)

Pure, luxurious liquid gold, this wonderous oil is highly prized for very good reasons:

It is known to promote cell regeneration, collagen production and elastin levels; improving the appearance of scars, and leaving you with firmer, smoother skin with greater elasticity.

This natural resource is absolutely perfect for pregnancy and post-birth rejuventation - and is why we include it in our natural pregnancy and post-birth products.

Traditionally used for...

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  • preventing & improving stretch marks

  • fading scars

  • smoothing skin

  • reducing pigmentation

  • calming irritation

  • its anti-bacterial properties

  • its protective barrier

  • its supreme hydration

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This wonderful oil is cold pressed from the tiny seeds of rosehips, which is why the oil is so very precious 

Our supreme quality oil is made from succelent French rosehips, harvested at peak time to release the luxurious oil within 

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