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Sea Buckthorn Oil 

(Hippohea rhamnoides)

Our extraordinary Sea Buckthorn oil is one of the richest of oils that Mother nature has to offer; boasting over 100 fat soluble vitamins, fatty acids, lipids & flavinoids, providing one of the richest sources of vitamin A.

A Goddess amongst oils for reviving, protecting, renewing & replenishing skin. This is why we include it in our natural pregnancy products.

Traditionally used for...

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  • smoothing skin

  • reducing inflammation

  • calming irritation

  • stretch marks

  • fading scars

  • anti-bacterial

  • protective barrier

  • hydration

  • cleanse 

  • detox

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 Our superior quality sea buckthorn trees are grown in Siberia providing plentiful fruits 

This wonderful healing oil is created by cold pressing the fruit pulp releasing its abundance of healing properties.


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