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Shea Butter (organic)

(Butyrospermum Parkii)

Pure, luxurious skin salvation, used in our natural pregnancy products for its seemingly endless health benefits - shea butter is traditionally used to...

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  • reduce scarring

  • soothe skin rashes

  • reduce stretch marks

  • heal burns

  • protect skin

  • soothe irritation

  • nourish skin

  • deeply moisturise

Used in: "SMOOTH AS..." Nappy Balm
             "IN THE CLUB RUB"  Belly Butter
             "BOOB LUBE"  Nipple Balm

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Our supreme quality organic Shea butter is extracted from the abundant nuts of the African shea tree. 


Grown organically under the Ghanaian sun, these beautiful, prized nuts are picked, boiled & crushed to produce this amazing  luxurious, health restoring butter.

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