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100% Natural Organic Aromatherapy Belly Butter

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Pregnancy is a time of great change in body, mind and spirit. Not only is your amazing body growing and developing a tiny human, your anatomy, physiolgy, hormones, emotions and priorities are dramatically changing throughout this amazing metamorphosis too.

Now you are pregnant, you may start to review your lifestyle choices. You will likely become more considered and selective about what you eat, as well as what goes into, and onto your body. You may experience shifts in thinking, refocusing of priorities, and begin to contemplate your baby's future world.

My 100% Natural Organic Aromatherapy Belly Butter - In the Club Rub, is much more than just a fabulously luxurious belly butter. It is a complex aromatherapy blend specifically developed to support you naturally through your amazing pregnancy journey. It is a truly holistic treatment which can help to address some of the physical, emotional and physical changes you may experience.

On a physical level, 'In the Club Rub' helps to smooth, as well as soothe stretching (and sometimes itchy) skin. A luxuriant, concentrated skin melt containing ten of the most exquisite, premium quality organic oils and butters specifically selected for developing pregnancy skin. With nothing artificial added, these pure, natural botanicals penetrate deep into the skin layers to support elasticity, cell renewal, and collagen production thereby reducing the likelihood /severity of stretch marks.

To support emotional and spiritual needs, Essential oil of Graperuit is chosen, not only because it smells absolutely divine, it is also known to aid digestion, promote a healthy appetite, balance blood sugars and blood pressure and mood. It is also an exceptionally uplifting oil which can help to elevate the mood and increase feelings of self worth, promoting a sense of courage and peaceful harmony to honour the woman you are today, and the fearless mother you will become.

The entire Holistic Midwife UK collection is created using the Earth finest ingredients and is 100% natural, vegan, organic, earth-friendly and free from preservatives, (or anything artificial for that matter!) All of our products are developed by our expert aromatherapy midwife, Paris Senior as holistic treatments to serve you physically, emotionally and spiritually through your pregnancy, childbirth and Motherhood journey.

You're a life creating Goddess and you deserve the finest that Mother Nature has to offer

Love Paris x

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