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SERENE BEAN | Organic Baby Skin & Massage oil with gentle aromatherapy Oil100ml

Nourish. Calm. Connect.

There are few more beautiful moments in this life than when connecting deeply with your scrumptious baby - Skin-to-skin contact, with gentle daily massage using calming Serene Bean baby skin and massage oil is the perfect way to do this.


Before babies learn to understand words, they learn and understand love and communication through touch. We cuddle, hold and stroke our babies to let them know they are safe and loved.

Gentle massage,  while talking, or singing softly to your little one is a natural extention of this divine communication - Why not feed and nourish their soft, delicate skin and calm their soul with some of the finest skin-food on earth as you do it?


Baby massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries and has been found to; Promote bonding, trust, and relaxation. Soothe and reduce crying. Aiding sleep for all. Improving digestion and constipation and symptoms of colic. Boosting muscle development. Reducing post-natal depression.


'Serene Bean' is my signature Baby Oil, developed over my years of caring for Mothers and babies as a Midwife and educator. This nurturing blend carefully combines exquisite, organic, cold-pressed and distilled plant oils with botanical extracts resulting in the perfect, spirit-calming combination of plant oils for massage as well as supreme skin nourishment. 


The merest hint of soothing Mandarin Essential oil creates a calm, serene mood with each gentle stroke - Pure heaven in a beautiful (eco-friendly) bottle.


Keep the oxytocin flowing with daily massages to nurture a strong, deep connection whilst cocooning your gorgeous little Serene Bean in Mother Nature's finest skin food. 


SERENE BEAN | Organic Baby Skin & Massage oil with gentle aromatherapy Oil100ml